Friday, August 19, 2022

Stuck in the Middle: An Angel Message

 I've grown to love these unexpected little touches of nature that bring a spiritual lesson.  

This morning, when I pulled back my office curtains, a baby gecko lizard, less than an inch long, clung to the upper window screen.  

My first inclination was to let him be.  However he entered, he could exit. 

When I saw him there yesterday, I assumed he was on the outside, looking in. Later he had vanished, no longer attached to the screen. 

Early this morning, the little fellow was back the same window, hanging out with my angel ornament; a gift from a friend now on the other side. A closer look revealed, he was indeed stuck in the middle, trapped between the screen and the window pane, in need of guidance. Neither outside nor the inside, the baby gecko was hanging out somewhere in the null-zone, between here and there. 

Curious, I looked up his timely message for guidance.  Turns out, his dilemma was a perfect illustration for a lesson he teaches.   Do what you must in struggles.  

When a gecko appears, opposing energies or strife are already at play within our life.  The gecko signals that we should not be passive.  The situations around us now demand clarity as to how we feel, and how we act.  If we are firm and clear, we can resolve it all.  Otherwise, the stress and conflict will only get worse unless we take action.  

Also, the tail of the gecko breaks off easily as a defense, enabling it to escape from the grasp of a predator.  Eventually, a new tail will grow back.  In other words, sometimes we have to lose our tail to move ahead. We may need to detach entirely from situations or people, if only for a short time.  Sometimes it is necessary to separate us or part of ourselves from others for our own good or the good of others. 

I was happy to help release the gecko.  When the window screen was raised, he bounced into the letter box on my desk. A perfect transport to deliver him back to nature where he belongs. Have a nice life, I told him as he scurried away, thankful for the angel's message to share with you.

Last of all, lizards are about dream-time; a reminder to awaken from a dream of fear and choose to be love. Angels repeatedly tell us fear not. You are never alone.  God has given His angels charge over you, to guide and protect you.  What love messages are winging their way into your life today?

Love and peace,


Rae Karen  

Ref. Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews