Sunday, August 7, 2022

Heaven at Our Fingertips: An Angel Message

This morning a graceful white egret flying low on a soft breeze by the lake, caught our attention. Elliot and I were perched on a bench in the shade of an old oak.  Expansive wings glided through the air and we heard a distinct tune.  A soft humming twang like a frog. The egret was carrying a tune.  I didn't know these exquisite birds could sing. But why not, the morning was a portrait of heaven. Sunlit waters, cool breeze, green grass, and a flock of wild muscovys and mallards nibbled a feast of cracked corn.  



Another first, caught my eye.  A sparkling diamond bubble moved slowly in the sunlit waters.  A small turtle head raised up from the middle of the lake. At a distance, no bigger than a quarter, yet somehow it reflected brilliant sunshine as it swam toward shore. 

A holy hush was present.  The lake teeming with the presence of angels. We thanked the angels for their service. And, then to our surprise, another first.  A fish skipped across mid  lake in a series of joyful leaps, like a little dolphin at play. 

The peace and beauty of nature bubbled up with the love of God. Everywhere I go I'm finding heaven is at my fingertips. Nothing but good can ever fill the heart of God.  

Turns out, the Great White Egret emanates a message of great compatibility and heaven sense.  Her "S" shaped neck is a reminder to let Spirit guide.  

Enjoy your day with the angels.  Why not carry a happy tune and look for heaven at your fingertips today.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Photo: Web