Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Happy Brood: An Angel Message


What joy to see these happy little heartbeats at the lake this morning.  Nine fuzzy baby ducklings popped up out of the water to enjoy a breakfast of cracked corn with the flock.  

Ducks represent emotional comfort and protection.  All ducks can swim and have a grace upon the water.  They teach how to maneuver through various waters of life. Ducks return to places where they feel safe and comfortable.   They have an ability to show affection and help us to move through emotional tangles by examining our feelings.  

When I looked up at the sky, a rainbow prism glistened in a wispy cloud. It topped off the beautiful morning with an angelic touch.  I was thankful my guardian angel guided me to bring extra cracked corn. A flock of 14 ducks, and 9 little ducklings were glad I listened. 

Enjoy your day with your angels, and remember you are never alone.  A powerful celestial companion is by your side waiting to lovingly commune with you throughout your daily affairs.  You won't regret the invitation to share the journey with him or her.  The ordinary will become extraordinary.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen