Monday, March 28, 2016

A Free Spirit: An Angel Message

                             A Cattle egret and a horse hang out on Easter weekend.

I've been amused by the behavior of a cute bird that's been popping up on my path.  The first time I saw a cattle egret, he stood like a hood ornament on a parked car in town.  Before I could get a pic, he flew away, but I thanked him for the message: "It's time to get it out of park and back on the road.  Get moving!"

 A few days later, he made another spectacle of himself, swooping down, he landed on a tree outside a restaurant in town.  Watching us through the window, he brought tidings to my friend's birthday celebration. Soon he flapped his wide white wings and flew above the traffic on Main Street, free to follow his Spirit without limitation.      

I wanted a photo of this comical bird, but the opportunity didn't appear until a drive through the country this weekend. What a surprise to find him in a pasture hanging out with an unlikely friend.  A horse. They looked so cute together and presented a double meaning: 

A cattle egret brings an angel message to break out of 'the herd' and let your Spirit fly free...a wonderful companion for a pent-up horse, don't you think? Horse represent movement.   It's time to giddy up!

Enjoy your day with the Angels and listen to the whisper of your Spirit.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen