Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dolphins: An Angel Message

Dolphins have always had a special place in my heart.  Seven years living at Virginia Beach, I often caught a glimpse of a playful pod swimming by in tandem at sunrise.  Weaving up and down in a wake of golden waves.

Living in central Florida, dolphin sightings are a rare event.  But two weeks ago while visiting our Lady of La Leche Mission at Saint Augustine, something wonderful happened.  Elliot and I were sitting on a bench near the water's edge looking out at the beautiful view. Suddenly a large gray fish appeared out of the blue. 

It was a dolphin in the river inlet!

What joy at the unexpected sighting. 

Dolphins surfaced again this week while cleaning out my den. I'd forgotten the St. Augustine dolphin drawings I purchased at a local library sale here in our home town.   

The dolphin synchronicity seemed important.  I looked up the symbolism. When the dolphin appear, it is time to consider the rhythm of your life.  The dolphin teaches the rhythm of breath, between inhaling and exhaling, taking and giving, idea and perception.  When a dolphin appears in our awareness, we must let ourselves be inspired anew by the great plan before we dive back into our own emotions which are sometimes harmful.  Every feeling we experience should be traced back to the clear, vast, airy essence of our spiritual inspiration. "Give as much as you take! It is a spiritual order and when one observes it, one feels one's best." ( Regula Meyer, Animal Messengers)

Enjoy your day with the Angels. And watch for synchronicity along the way.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen