Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Angels and Monkey Business

A sweet letter from a ten-year-old student in Washington state appeared in our local paper.  Lilly needed brochures on Florida for a school project. It brought back my own childhood days when I made a map of Wisconsin with flour, salt, water, and food coloring.   I decided to help Lilly out.  Maybe I'd learn something along the way.

After gathering pamphlets from the tourist center, Elliot and I were on our way to the post office when an angel message came to go to Office Depot instead.  At the service counter, we hit a snag. When I entered the data, the computer didn't print out my shipping label.

The manager, a fun loving spirit, tried to fix the computer problem. Jokingly she said that a "guardian monkey" oversaw that department.  He makes sure everything is done correctly.  

I laughed.  "You mean guardian angel, don't you?" 

"No, guardian monkey." She smiled. "Look up and you'll see!"

Sure enough, way up high on the ceiling, was this toy monkey.  "Are you telling me your store is run by a monkey?" I joked. "Maybe he deserves a raise."

"He already had one," she said, pointing up.  "The store manager juggled a few of these monkeys and this one got away.  The magnets inside keep his body stuck to that metal pipe.  He's been up there ever since."

We shared some laughs, and departed with a $10 coupon and free tracking on Lilly's package.

Later, I got to thinking about that monkey business.  It was a good reminder to keep my capricious "little monkey mind" magnetized to the pipe of "Higher Thought."

Enjoy your day with the Angels. Have fun and bring them along on your errands.

Joyful Blessings,

Rae Karen

Photo: Monkey on the ceiling pipe at Office Depot