Friday, August 4, 2017

The Gift of a Windmill: An Angel Message

We were on our way home, feeling somewhat lighter, after having donated bags of clothing, and household stuff at a local thrift shop.  The universe is reciprocal. Because that's when I spotted a rare sight, standing tall and sticking out, in the parking lot of a scrap metal company in town.  An antique windmill!  

Rusted metal blades spun round, waving.  Help!

   Was that old windmill waiting to be scrapped?  

I know the angels encourage to live clutter free.  I try to do my best, but there are temptations.  The state of one's house and yard represent the condition of his/her mind. So keep your home light and simple, they say.  Don't be weighed down with old stuff that you no longer need.   Pass it along.    

But as we passed by the metals yard, my heart knew this old treasure had crossed my path for a reason. Not to be scrapped!  Those spinning blades brought a rush of fresh childhood memories. This was a replica of my grandparents' working windmill that had towered their farmhouse in rural Virginia.

This weathered relic reminded me of  my sweet Grandma who faced many storms in life, but never lost her faith in God.

Turns out that one man's scrap is another man's treasure.   The timing was perfect. The business owner was loading old washers and dryers onto a scrap truck.  As we pulled to the curb, I shouted from the car window, "Is that for sale?"

He gave the old windmill one last look, then said.  "Ten dollars."

 "Sold!" I smiled, at the speed of the sale.  

The angels of synchronicity must have been at work. Everything came together quickly.  A friend delivered the windmill that afternoon.  The next morning, I noticed the view from my laundry room had changed!   Now I can see the wind blow, as the twelve blades spin round and round, a metaphor for life's seasons. And a good reminder that with the breath of the Holy Spirit, it can be a gentle breeze if we stand tall on a firm foundation, the in-dwelling Christ. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen