Friday, April 16, 2010

Invoking the Four Archangels

(Va Beach sunrise)

I've been practicing an invocation for several years that I read about in the Zohar. It's a wonderful way to surround yourself with the Archangels. To invoke is simply to recognize their presence. I sit still, with eyes closed and begin by silently calling on Archangel Michael to be on my right side. (His name is Who is Like God.) I pause to feel his presence.

Next, I invoke Archangel Gabriel to be on my left side. (His name is God is my Strength) I pause to feel his presence.

Then in front of me, I invoke Archangel Uriel, (His name is Fire of God). I pause to feel his presence.

Then I invoke Archangel Raphael to be at my back. (His name is Shining One Who Heals).

I crown the prayer, by invoking the shekinah, the divine feminine of Creation to be above me.

I have learned a lot about the angels from The Zohar, The Book of Splendor. It contains the mystical interpretation of the first five books of the Bible. I was surprised the symbols for the four archangels are depicted as:

Archangel Michael as the lion.
Archangel Gabriel as the ox.
Archangel Uriel as the eagle.
Archangel Raphael as man.

"When a person opens his lips during the weekdays at the evening prayer, an eagle descends to carry the prayer of the night upon its wings. This eagle is called Uriel.

During the morning prayer, the lion descends to receive the prayer with its arms and wings--every living creature has four wings. This is the Angel Michael.

During the afternoon prayer, the ox descends to receive the prayer with its horns and wings. This is the Angel Gabriel." (The Zohar, Vol. 1)

With so much happening in the world today, we can all use prayer, not only for ourselves and loved ones, but for the world.

Angelic blessings,