Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Monkey Business: An Angel Message

I read a sweet letter from a ten-year-old student in Washington state that was printed in our hometown newspaper, The Beacon.  Lilly needed brochures on Florida for a school project. Her request brought to mind my own school days when I had made a topographical map of the state of Wisconsin. Flour, salt, water, and food coloring were part of the paste magic.  For old times sake, I wanted to give Lilly a hand and perhaps learn something along the way.

A trip to the local tourist center, and her material was ready to be mailed.  A funny thing happened on the way to the post office.  An angel message advised to go to Office Depot.  They send out packages and it would be faster. At the service counter there was no line, but the store computer would not print out my mailing label after I keyed in the information. 

The manager, a fun loving spirit, joked while working on the computer problem. "A guardian monkey oversees our service department." She smiled.  "He makes sure everything gets done correctly." 

I laughed.  "You mean guardian angel...?" 

"No... guardian monkey." She smiled. "Look up and you'll see!"

Sure enough, stuck on a metal pipe high up on the ceiling, I laughed at the toy monkey hanging out there above the din of the marketplace.  "Are you telling me your store is run by a monkey?" I joked. "Maybe he deserves a raise."

"He already had one," she said, pointing up.  Their store's general manager had juggled a few of these monkeys when the shipment arrived.  This one got away.  Magnets inside keep him stuck to that metal pipe.  He's been up there ever since."

Elliot and I left the store feeling light after sharing laughter, and a $10 coupon bonus plus free tracking on Lilly's package to Washington.

Later, I got to thinking about the symbolism of that monkey business.  What a reminder to keep my  "little ego monkey mind" magnetized to the pipe of Higher consciousness.

Enjoy your day with the Angels. Have fun, why not bring them along on your errands.

Joyful Blessings,

Rae Karen

Photo: Monkey on the ceiling pipe at Office Depot