Monday, August 7, 2017

Love Deliveries: An Angel Sign


What we send out wings its way  back to us, so we need to carefully watch our own thinking. The more love we extend by thought, word and deed, the more love will show up in our lives; likewise the more fear we put "out there", the more negativity will knock at our door.  

Lately, I've been working on sending more "love" messages rather than fearful ones. 

 The angels demonstrated that what you send out does indeed return.  It showed up in subtle ways, like a lawn sign while out for a drive. (above)

In hot July, a touch of Christmas love arrived unexpectedly on our doorstep.  A large package from a friend up north brought thoughts of snowy weather. A set of Winter Whimsy oven bowls added a touch of Christmas cheer!

Enjoy your day with the Angels. And, remember that you are dearly loved and always will be.  You could never do anything to exempt yourself from the Love of God.  And watch what you are serving others, love or fear.

Joyful blessings and love,

Rae Karen