Saturday, July 29, 2017

Angel of Spontaneity:

Often our days are so tightly planned there is no room for spontaneity to work its wonder. I keep this seashell out as a reminder to loosen up.  Many years ago, my son wanted me to go to the beach one afternoon. I had plans to finish a project, but I playfully reached for the angel deck on the coffee table.  Fairly new cards, I was surprised by my random choice.  Angel Manakel advised: "Explore the wisdom of the dolphins."

Off we went to answer the call to the sea. The soft ocean breeze and the rhythm of the surf were enlivening as I sat on the beach blanket enjoying the sun. Life was energetic.   Sand crabs shoveled out tunnels for new digs and white seagulls freely soared the blue skies. The dolphins didn't show up that afternoon, but another treasure appeared from out of the sea.  My son found this special shell for me (above) in the water.  

Nature had naturally etched a five-petaled flower on a shell, creating something new and different!    

Five represents expansion having extended beyond the four-sided box into a five-sided pentagon shape.  Freedom from limitations.

The angels encourage us to break out of our shell and try something new and different.  Be spontaneous and live fully.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen