Monday, February 12, 2018

A Love Tap: An Angel Message

Yesterday morning my heart took a leap. Coming in the back door, after feeding our favorite feral feline, I looked up and saw a beautiful sight.  On top of the file cabinet a rare beauty had bloomed! I felt a tingling energy move through me as I stared wide-eyed.

That wonderful unexpected blossom of a forgotten orchid plant was a touch of God's love gently reminding me of Divine Presence and Power.  You see, I had neglected the straggly plant brought into the house for protection from an upcoming freeze last month.  Having bloomed once, I thought it had seen its better days, but still something made me hang on. Spindly stem and droopy leaves, I ignored it in my comings and goings. 

So when the forgiving plant tapped me on the shoulder, I was amazed at its resourcefulness.  The sturdy stem had stretched far beyond its pot for more light.  And, it seemed to point to the framed photo of a whale breaching on the wall, doing a back-flip.  Expect the unexpected.  You ain't seen anything yet appeared to be a higher message.

When angels deliver messages there can be no mistakes in timing.  I welcomed the lesson about not giving up, not judging by appearances. This exotic orchid not only survived without a single drop of water or love from me, but it now has four more buds waiting in the wings to break out in celebration.

I got it.  One must keep stretching and growing toward the Light, doing our best to remember God's Love.  It is everywhere for All who open to receive it will bloom.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen