Friday, February 23, 2018

Fix A Flat: An Angel Message

I'm so thankful to begin each day by affirming the power of Psalm 91.  "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."

Angel thoughts are God's pure intuition coming to mind when I get quiet and listen. Earlier this week, Elliot drove our dirty white car through a brand new high tech car wash in town.  Sitting behind the wheel, as he drove through the automated wash, rinse and dry cycles was interesting.  Light rays of orange, blue and purple signaled the stages of operation. 

 Later, we were on our way to the garden center in our shiny, clean car when I noticed a large landscaping truck off to the side of the parking lot at Lowe's.   To our surprise, the driver shouted, "You've got a flat!"

Our rear tire was totally flat.  That was bad news.  But, I noticed a handful of  Jolly Rancher candies strewn across the adjacent parking space as if they'd been tossed freshly wrapped out of the bag. I smiled, at a reminder to take the bitter with the sweet. 

There had been no sign that the tire was flat. Our ride had been smooth.  Thankful for the heads up, the driver mentioned if he only had a can of aerosol sealant, he could fix the tire so the car could be driven.

Now, Elliot and I had a clue, to walk to a nearby grocery store to get a can of Fix A Flat.

Before long we had the remedy and were walking back to the car.  We had company on the return, a lone duck waddled along through the Lowe's parking lot. A reminder to let this roll off our backs like water on a duck's back! 

I'll admit I was at peace with a greater appreciation for our car.

The weather was picture perfect, bright blue sky, big fluffy white clouds, and cool temperature. Ready to roll, we had another obstacle. The cap to the FIX A FLAT wouldn't budge.  More patience needed as we wandered into the garden center.  A friendly helper tried several tools from his box before finally prying off the stubborn lid. 

Soon the flat was filled with foamy sealant, and before long we were home safe.  Thanks to the angel messages that guided us each step of the way.

The final step came when AAA showed up in our driveway.  A small nail had punctured the rear tire.  But the timing was crucial as all four tires needed to be replaced due to dry rot.  And, they weren't even that old. We were so thankful.  Angels were watching out as we were planning several long road trips in the spring. The small nail turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Step by step, the angels guide and protect along the way. I'm so glad I pray Psalm 91 each day.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

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