Monday, February 5, 2018

Ladybug Dispatch: An Angel Message

Late Sunday evening I found myself organizing my writing desk in the living room.  While sorting through a stack of postcards, this little winged one suddenly appeared, crawling out from underneath a collage of scattered cards.  The old bird's eye maple desk has a closed top, so it was puzzling as to how she arrived.  I grabbed my cellphone for a photo.  The little red beetle with its bounty of black spots, is a sign of good luck. In French her name means "good God's animal;"  in Spanish it means "little Mary;" in German, "Mary's beetle," and also Lord God's beetle;" and, in English, she is also known as "ladybird."

A ladybird on a bird's eye maple desk seemed like a heavenly match to me. To see with the eyes of love.

So my ladybug love postcard arrived at the desk right on time.  I'd like to think of it is as a message from my dear mother, Mary, that all is well.  These little heavenly touches are so healing for the soul.  With a grateful heart, I offered this winged messenger a ride on a postcard.  Willingly, she climbed aboard and clung to the old sugar mill in Deleon Springs, Florida as I gently delivered her to a special spot near the bushes by the mailbox.  With words of good luck, I left her to be, free to fly away home in the warm night air.  Funny how such a little encounter can shift your heart in such a big way.  Afterwards, I had so much energy it was hard to get to sleep.  Later, I retrieved the empty postcard, happy that she had moved on to her next special delivery, but had left an indelible stamp on my heart.

Enjoy your day with the Angels. Remember to expect good things.  They come in all shapes and sizes when we keep love in our hearts.  Love is eternal.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen