Friday, October 16, 2009

Hawk as the Messenger

(Photo by Karen Hauck)

Have you ever noticed how you happen to stumble upon something that seems a perfect message for you. It's as though an unseen hand reached out and tapped you on the shoulder. Take a look at this!

One day while searching the web, I came across this posting about the hawk, my animal totem. Unfortunately, I don't remember who was the author.

"I was read a prophecy six years ago, by a 17 year old girl from China who was handed an ancient Chinese Shamanic I-Ching book by a stranger. The elderly woman at the Beijing Airport gave an ancient book of the Dao-da-Ching to this young girl as her and her parents were immigrating to California. She read me the oracular wisdom, from an important question I had asked that day. I had asked about my soul’s journey. We exchanged wisdom in an Instant Message:

"A lonely hawk, between earth and sky, crying for the loss of her group, tries to ask, how many soul mates she has, not so many to this day. The person who receives this reading has much talent, it's like she sings so well that few can understand to fit anywhere. Left out at
the edge of the World, she has the wrist to twist the earth, but does not see the day that she will be happy. To the person who got this message, please view yourself higher, do not mingle or settle like all the others, and do not waste your precious life time."

The Edgar Cayce ( readings state that hawk is the stage of humankind that represents wisdom. In his book, Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews teaches that the hawk is the messenger of the gods akin to Mercury. Hawk soars above, seeing the big picture.

Angelic blessings,


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