Monday, October 5, 2009

Angel of the Apple Tree

Every visible thing in this world is put in charge of an angel.
--Saint Augustine

I have always loved the trees. Just seeing them outside my window brings comfort like this wonderful old apple tree on the farm.  My praying angel statue has found her post in the shadow of the fruitful tree.

When we first moved here in early Spring, it wasn't long before the old apple tree blossomed in a beautiful gown of pink fragrant flowers.  What joy to awaken and see the radiant full moon illuminating her pink petals.  There was a mystical feeling as I listened to the crickets singing.  Everything in the garden seemed to be enlivened so much so that I could almost feel its breath upon the earth, declaring Grow! Grow! Grow!  My eyes filled with joyful tears for the beautiful expression of nature.  It was a far cry from our previous home on busy Atlantic Avenue.

One day while weeding underneath the apple tree, a perfect apple fell off the old tree and landed near me. Usually I gathered the apples to feed the deer at the edge of the woods.  But this gesture seemed so deliberate that  I took it as a delightful invitation to share the fruit of my tree friend. Gratefully, I picked it up and washed it off.  Having read about the star symbol inside the apple, I decided to check it out for myself.  I cut the apple horizontally, and there it was: a perfect star imprinted by the hidden seeds.

I sat down by my apple tree friend, and thanked her for the gift before taking my first bite. Trees are very special fact, some of my best friends have been trees.

Angelic blessings,

Rae Karen