Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blue Flip Flops

The scent of sweet ginger flavors the breeze
Rustling leaves of autumn at my feet
Decorating my blue Flip Flops
On a warm Halloween.
Sitting in a blue chair
under the old apple tree.

Pale pink impatiens sway tall on heavy stems.
Awaiting peace after a summer's growth.

St. Francis prays in the garden.
In this little commune of mossy stones, spiderwort.
Jaded green iris blades point upward.
A garden is a most sacred spot.

A hush of heaven stirs.
The tall ginger plant bows with reverence to the wind.
Angel cat, through the screen door, watches.
Fully sensing the mystery of what is unseen
But not unnoticed.

Angels dance on lacy ferns
Kissing butterflies with heavenly breath.
Life is full.
Ever expanding.
Grow! Grow! Grow!

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