Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Angels Are All Around You

Angels are all around you. Maybe you can see them. Maybe if you cannot see them, you can feel or hear them. Some people cannot see, feel or hear them, but that doesn’t mean that they aren't right there beside you. They are there when you are weak. They are there when you are sick. And they are there when you are triumphant. The angels want to help us and they are constantly trying to send us messages.

We have to be in connection with our Higher Self before we can understand that we are receiving messages. It takes a certain sensitivity to be able to see these things. Maybe you heard a song or a friend became an earthly angel and offered advice or a message that opened up a new universe to you. These things all are of the Light. Angels are pure light, and they vibrate at a rate that our human eyes can seldom detect. They are here to help us and more are on Earth at this time to assist us with all of the changes that are presently taking place as we convert our thought system from fear to love.

Our angelic guardians guide and protect us from the darkness and the fear. They can offer us valuable guidance that helps us perceive the truth in what we are experiencing. Only ask for their help in order to receive this guidance. For we are free will beings of Light and the angels cannot interfere with our free will. This is God’s gift to us to allow us to make decisions for ourselves.

The angels want to assist us in the creation of our hopes and our hearts. They are the divine messengers. They are the truth bearers and each of us has a guardian angels. This angel is with you from birth to death. The angels want us to take responsibility for creating heaven here on earth. They want us to understand ourselves in the light of truth.

Angels are friends that will never leave our side. They offer us unconditional love that we are striving to give to others. They will illumine us to the greater truth of spirit and its nature of eternal life. When you begin to look at life as eternal, you will let go of your fear of
death, for death is a beginning not an ending. Death is a doorway to a new experience. Do not grieve for those that you have lost, for they are not as far away as you might perceive them to be.

The angels want us to claim our power and they want us to become the bridge. Angels can teach us about the joy of laughter and of play. They want us to lighten up and have fun. Angels are preparing the way for man’s evolution by delivering these divine messages and revealing themselves on the planet more than ever before. They want us to waken to their presence and to the Light that is there inside of us. They are welcoming us to new experiences of greater depth. The light is strong and it waits for you to welcome it into your heart.

Get connected with your angels and ask them to reveal their presence to you. They love the attention because they are not used to receiving it. They will probably jump at the chance to be noticed. They have the innocence of a child and they play and dance like the wind. They are there to comfort you in your moments of despair and sorrow. You can talk to your angels out loud or you may communicate silently by thought. Trust they do hear you and they do listen. This is why you can never be truly alone, for although you may not see anything, they are with you.

Set the intention that you wish to be in closer connection with the angels and begin to ground that thought into your experience. One way to ground it in is to meditate. By meditating you heighten your vibrations and you clear the veil between the two worlds so that you may perceive the light. The angels encourage this for your own spiritual growth. Even five minutes of meditation can bring an inner change.

They wish you the best and help you to bring about the best in yourself and in your life. They have hopes for humanity and the planet to heal. They usher in the healing that we are in need of, especially for Mother Earth.

Angelic blessings,