Monday, December 21, 2009



I love poinsettias. We were gifted with a beautiful one last week. I'm amazed that the leaves of the plant are red and green with flowering yellow blossoms in the center. I give it a little water each day and by keeping it extra moist, it will thrive well into late spring.

In her book, The Blessed Virgin Mary, Her Life and Mission, Corinne Heline writes about the Madonna flower cycle. Each month the Virgin Lady bestows some special blessings upon us. These monthly blessing are fashioned into celestial flower patterns which in their physical manifestation become visible expression's of the living tender grace of the Madonna. "Each month has a spiritual key flower corresponding to those special powers of the seasonal cycle which progressively unbar the doors to a fairy kingdom sleeping within the consciousness of mankind."

The month of December is the season in which red and green are the principle colors used by both nature and humankind. The Poinsettia lifts its smiling face toward the sun as it declares that now is the most holy season of the year, the time of the birth of the Blessed Christ Child is now with us.

It is wonderful to include the devas (nature spirits) into the holiday celebration. They add much beauty and joy to our lives.

Angelic blessings,