Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Gift Do You Desire?

One of my favorite books, Quiet Talks With The Master, was gifted to me by a friend many years ago. The author, Eva Bell Werber, shares her wonderful communions with the Lord. Here is one that I especially enjoy reading at this time of year.

"My Beloved, you ask gifts for those you love. You see them in the true light, resplendent in prosperity, health-filled, sane, happy, joyous, and then I say unto you, but what of yourself?

What gift do you desire?

And I receive your answer, "Only that I know that Thou dwellest in my heart, Lord, is enough for me."

And yea, how well hast thou spoken, for where there is such deep consciousness of My Indwelling, all the affairs of your life are guided and moulded by that high vibration. You do not need to ask for specific gifts when all that the Father hath is yours. I can give to you so far beyond your asking, that the things you would ask for now would be childish tinsel toy tomorrow. I give to you perfect gifts of pure substance, and with them shall come peace and joy beyond all expectations. All circumstances of their coming shall be glad, smoothly, joyous, and complete. So you do well to say, "Only Thou, Father; and I who hold all Creation in the Palm of My Hand shall bring forth of My Abundance for you."

Many blessings,