Thursday, March 4, 2010

All You Have to Do Is Call...

"Be not deceived by appearances."
A Course in Miracles
The Angels are here to encourage you to look beyond what appearances may dictate and get a glimpse of the realm of divine radiance. The world is as you dream it, so why not make it a happy dream? You are more than you know. You are here on purpose and so your travels through time and space are not at random. Wherever you are is holy ground, because your presence makes it so. Your connection to Spirit is like a triangle, small on the top and large on the bottom where things in the material realm have a larger influence over your life because of your five senses. As you begin to open up to your Angels and the Celestial Host, the portal to that higher realm increases in size and the result is a closer attunement, making it easier to experience the Angels and their guidance. The Angels know how to direct you to accomplish your dream. Trust.

The most wonderful radiation comes when you invite them. As you open your heart to receive, the Angels will shower you with divine love and peace. It is done so gently that you are not aware of how it happened. You only know that you now feel differently, more comforted and not so alone in this world of constant change. This is the gift of your Angels. They want to enfold you with the very best that God has to offer. They remember who you really are and are excited about the evolution of your soul returning home to God. Please remember to stop often and give thanks for their constant dedication to you. And most of all... for their patience.

May you feel the warmth and love of their presence today.

Angel blessings,