Monday, March 1, 2010

Think Spring!

All things share the same breath.
--Chief Seattle

Spring is coming! It was warm enough yesterday to root around in the earth. How exhilarating to be outdoors in the fresh air in the meditation garden. Later I took a break and laid on the grass watching the sunny blue sky. Soaking up Mother Nature is very healing and it became a perfect afternoon when I heard the call of the geese. Soon three flocks honked flying by in big "V" formations. A sign to return to the computer and finish up my writing projects.

Then I remembered something I recently read in THAT YE MAY HEAL, a booklet of a study of the causes of illness as explained in the Edgar Cayce readings. It's all about balance. "There must be a certain amount of recreation. There must be certain amounts of rest. These are physical, mental, and spiritual necessities. Didn't God make man to sleep at least a third of his life? Then consider! This is what the Master meant when He said, "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow." Do they grow all the while, bloom all the while, or look mighty messy and dirty at times? It is well for people to get their hands dirty in the dirt at times, and not be the white collared man all the while! These are natural sources. From whence was man made? Don't be afraid to get a little dirt on you once in a while."

Living in our hi-tech world, it's so easy to get caught up in cyber space and lose our bearings. Spending time outdoors is a wonderful way to stay balanced and to reconnect with our soul. God and the Angels seem especially near while spending time in nature. When I invite the Angels to help out with the gardening, the work is fun and creative.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.