Thursday, March 18, 2010

Angels of the Pansies

(angel pansies artwork

I just finished rooting around in the garden planting pansies and Johnny Jump Ups. Home Depot had a 99 cent special so I loaded up. It's one of those warm feel good days when it's great to be in the sunshine, digging and weeding, getting ready for a new beginning. There is nothing quite so soothing on the nerves as working with the Nature Devas and Angels. The Zohar, the mystical interpretation of the Torah, tells us that every blade of grass and every flower that grows, an Angel is watching over it, whispering "GROW! GROW! GROW! We all need that kind of encouragement at times. As our issues come up, we are here to grow not growl through them. Our challenges are like Miracle Grow or fertilizer, boosting us to reach our full potential. Through the process, we are becoming something quite new and exciting as we begin to bud. With trust and faith, we will surely bloom on time.

In Nature Speak by Ted Andrews, I learned that pansies are symbolic of being open to all possibilities. It always has five petals - the number of the perfected human. Pansy, which means "to weigh or consider" is a flower whose message alerts us to think things through before acting, for actions now will bring long-range effects.

Pansy is a flower with strong connections to various orders of devas and nature spirits.

Enjoy the day with your Angels.