Monday, May 31, 2010

A Frog Comes A Courtin'

Yesterday afternoon Elliot called upstairs to me, "Hurry! You've got to come see this. There's a little frog looking in our front door. His tiny hands are in prayer position! Talk about fully relying on God!"

I hurried down to take a look. Sure enough he was intently praying. Playfully, I asked,"Are you the same little tree frog I rescued from the trash can many months ago? Have you returned to thank me for answering your prayers that evening?" Knowing that frog is an acronym for Fully Relying On God, I wondered why the deliberate message? Was he reminding us to remember God in our going out and our coming in?

With so much transformation happening in the world, I believe that the frog was a heads up to keep our minds attuned to the heavenly host and not be deceived by our perceptions. Humanity is taking a leap into a higher state of consciousness and the old ways are no longer working. There is a higher realm to live and move in which we are being rebirthed.

I thanked the frog for the visit. He stayed there for several hours and then disappeared as mysteriously as he arrived.

Enjoy your day with the angels knowing that you are never alone.