Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diamond Backs on the Runway.

(picture of diamond back terrapin from the web)

The airport is not always just a place for arrivals and departures of jet planes, as we learned this week, it can be a road to travel to get to the best place to lay our eggs (creativity).

Elliot and I flew to NY on Thursday evening, June 29th, landing at JFK by sunset. In the past I've found it so helpful to welcome the guardian angels of the city I'm visiting. If you think about the population of that city, knowing that each person living there has a guardian angel, you soon realize that you are on holy ground. So when we got an expected call that Elliot's father had passed over that morning, I began calling on the guardian angels of NYC. We had to be in Long Island the next day at noon for the funeral service.

I remembered also that Angels are God's representatives, His winged thoughts embodying divine love, wisdom and healing. I hadn't been on an airplane in over 10 years, but our flight plans came together smoothly. We even arrived at the airport in time enough to take an earlier flight out. The 45 minute flight to Kennedy was a test of faith. Air turbulence had me recalling that I am in the midst of legions of Angels and so I began silently affirming that God is Love. A peacefulness enfolded me and we had a beautiful vista of the NY skyline as we landed. The terminal was backed up, so for 20 minutes our pilot drove around and around on the tarmac.

How surprised we were the next day to read about the herd of 150 diamond back terrapins "storming" the runways at JFK early that morning, the day of our flight. They were making an annual pilgrimage to the Bay to lay their eggs. The "Angels" helped escort the wayward turtles, rescuing them in trucks and driving them to their destination, while major airlines were rerouted or flights delayed for 30 minutes.

Something about that story hit a chord in my heart.

I thought about the determination of those female terrapins to fulfill their life's purpose. In the midst of chaos, lumbering across the tarmac, in the path of 747s, they kept on doing their best, leaving the rest up to God. Although their trek was precarious, they didn't turn back, but kept moving forward in a steady pace, sticking out their necks to get ahead. Their perseverance paid off. They received a helping hand(s) and were safely delivered to the sandy shores to lay their eggs. Again, I was reminded of the race between the tortoise and the hare...Only this time, the "turtle" won the race again, but so did humanity as airline officials yielded to the quest of nature, slowing down our advanced technology to meet the needs of motherhood, creating a moment of heaven on earth. It was truly a win-win.

The message of the terrapin was an important one. No matter what the externals look like, keep following your intuition and help will get you to where you need to be to develop your creativity.

Wishing you a joyful day with your Angels,