Monday, July 25, 2011

A Change of Heart

Things are not always as they appear... It can be upsetting when our lives suddenly take a turn in a totally opposite direction. What is going on? Plans suddenly go awry, seemingly solid relationships break up like icebergs, and we are alone with only our thoughts for company.

Which way to go? At the crossroads, we are truly at the apex of our power. The results depend on how masterfully we can control our emotions and stay in our "center". Stilling our mind, looking deeper, solutions come by prayerfully asking for a higher vision of what is really going on, versus what is being played out in the material world.

We find the simple truth.

Underneath all the chaos, which is designed to help us grow spiritually, the Love of God is always there. At no time is Divine Love absent. Only in our own thinking can we move away from that truth and feel separate, isolated, and alone to face the tall shadows of fear. It's humbling to know that we can't always fix the problem, but Divine Love can and will... if we open up to the possibility that this is so.

Can it really be as simple as a change of heart?

We can't serve two masters. The choice is ours, and we will see according to our belief.

May we open up our minds to entertain the divine messengers of God's Thoughts, the angels, to guide us in love and wisdom.