Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Summer Acceleration

(Archangel Michael artwork from the web)

Everything seems to be happening in acceleration mode. Yesterday looking out the window I could see "energies" raining down. I knew we were in for a quickening but this is something else. A friend in New York told me that whatever we are processing now is more than likely the same issue that confronted us in '92 during a special eclipse. I've experienced this to be true and in asking a few people they agreed. This time hopefully will be the final Rinso-white clearing and we'll be squeaky clean, translating the final vestiges into light. It's no fun though, as we go through the emotional turmoils that afford us an opportunity to keep our egos on a short chain and stay vigilant for Archangel Michael who is here to help us overcome any obstacles that try to thwart our spiritual growth.

In the Edgar Cayce readings on angels, we learn that our true Self is the Guardian Angel that never left the Throne of Grace and Mercy. This throne is not a physical place but a state of consciousness. The Archangel Michael is the Intercessor for every soul that becomes a seeker on the spiritual path. He, too, stands at the Throne, ready to help so long as we pursue spiritual truths in the material world.

The way to keep attuned to our Guardian Angel (this divine part of our selves) is to practice staying in the presence of the Christ consciousness until it becomes a way of life. In every decision we make, we have free will: To either embrace the Light or stumble fearfully in the darkness. The more we work our spiritual muscle, affirming the truth of who we are, (the divine immortal part) the more accessible we become to higher consciousness where inspiration comes in many ways to help us achieve our life's purpose: To make manifest the love of God and man.

I am so thankful to Edgar Cayce for giving us a better understanding of the Unseen Forces, the Angels who help us quicken our awareness in the material plane. The readings tell us that angels come in many guises and when we open our hearts to the celestial realm, He will give His Angels charge over us in all our ways.

The more we invite the Angels into our lives, the more palpable they become and we begin to truly know that we are not alone.

Many blessings,