Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake--A Wakeup Call?

I was sitting in my chair in the living room, having taken a break from writing. Bleary-eyed, I suddenly realized that my chair was shaking me back and forth and it's not even a rocker. The glass wind chime panels by the door clanked in a raucous melody. Was this an earthquake? I'd felt an earthquake once before while living in Alaska, but an earthquake in Virginia? I didn't think things like this happened here. I called out to Elliot my husband. "Did you feel it?" He, too, felt the tremor in the dining room while eating lunch.

Instead of being in fear, I was so thankful for knowing about the angels and Psalm 91. How God gives His angels charge over us to guide and protect us in all of our ways. I get comforted when I remember my true identity. I am a child of the Light, as you are, as we all are. God is Love and I am made in His Image and Likeness. I am Spirit. With all the shaking going on, maybe we are being awakened from our dream of separation from God to shine in the Truth that we are His Children of the Light and arise in joyful freedom.

Many blessings,