Thursday, August 25, 2011

Angels in the Hurricane: An Angel Mesage

When I was a toddler Mom taught me to sing Irene Goodnight. I learned it before my Dad was sent to Korea in the Army.  Whenever he heard that popular song,  he'd think of me singing "Irene Goodnight Irene... I'll see you in my dweams."

Now Hurricane Irene is in the forecast.

In studying Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, I've been learning about God being only Love. He is in control at all times. God is good, and His creation is good, and does not include any destructive forces. God is omnipotent, every present, filling all space, so anything unlike good has no presence or power except what we give it in our mortal mind. So by turning my thoughts away from any material picture of a destructive storm and focusing instead on God's harmonious presence is the key. Turning to prayer instead of worrying brings blessings.

Yesterday an angel message came to buy new flashlights. I wasn't worried about the hurricane, but it was good to be prepared. At Rite-Aid, the flashlights were long gone, but I got something better. In the  garden accessories aisle, I found this little angel. Enfolded in wings of love, she rests in peace knowing God is in control.

That message was for me regarding the weather.  What a bargain as the statue had been reduced 90  percent. For less than $2, I was prepared for come what may.

Many blessings and remember you are always in the presence of Angels, so keep your thoughts on Higher Ground. They will guide you, comfort you, and protect you through all the storms of Life.

Rae Karen