Monday, March 21, 2022

2022 Happy Spring Solstice

Shortly after beginning my spiritual journey, whenever an iris appeared, I took it as a symbol that I was moving in the right direction.  Irises were like God's bread crumbs on my path.  Even though things were unsettling, somehow the events would work out for the highest good of all. And as time passed, I began to see this was true if I didn't lose my faith and give up. Many years later, I discovered this cosmic iris poster at a thrift shop in Virginia Beach.

A perfect reflection, the celestial iris captured a rainbow of emotions in one inspiring glance.  The soft hues of a blue bearded iris had blossomed far beyond the earth, as she reaches to greet the full moon, the divine feminine. Iris is also known as the Goddess of the Rainbow, and centuries ago was the word for rainbow.

Today we welcome Archangel Raphael, the governor of the season.  Raphael means  'Divine Healer' or 'God Heals'. This powerful Archangel is responsible for healing the earth and its people. He can help us seek the gift of healing and show us ways to heal ourselves in nature and through universal divine energy.

The winter season, under the leadership of Archangel Gabriel, brought feminine energy to the earth through the water element.  Now the fire element, the masculine energy is most active.  The keynote is resurrection, witnessed in nature, as dormant life reaches from darkness upward into the healing light of new beginnings.

Raphael means God has Healed. He is the Angel of brightness, beauty, healing and life. The sun, or the returning sun, sometimes symbolize him. He instructs the art of healing, especially through the elements of nature, and thus the caduceus is often his symbol. In the healing, he helps us to link our heart and our mind. The Book of Tobias in the Old Testament tells how Raphael healed Tobias' father of blindness with an ointment made from a large fish.

Spend time in nature.  Call on Archangel Raphael to bring radiant healing and dissolve any blockages holding you back from a wonderful new beginning. Then, watch what you say and think. Speak only positive life-affirming words over your life. Get ready to bloom!

Happy Spring Solstice!
Rae Karen