Friday, March 18, 2022

Angel Biker: An Angel Message

 Many years ago, I found a lost angel biker pin in the parking lot in St. Augustine.  It was by the car as I got out. Finding an angel is always a wonderful surprise; a reminder that we are never alone, our guardian angel is with us.  I tucked the little gold angel pin away in the Honda coin box, hoping to pass it along to a biker one day, and soon forgot all about it.  

Last week, waiting at the gas station in town, a half dozen bikers were fueling up.  An angel thought nudged, why not pass along the biker pin?  I wasn't even sure I still had it.  But the message was so insistent, I dug into the coin box.  There it was...buried under some loose change.  

Before I could lose my nerve, I jumped out of the car and approached a guy on a Harley.  "Would you like to have this biker angel? I found it years ago and was guided to offer it to you?" 

"Thanks!" His face lit up, as he held it in his hand.    

"Hey! A Biker Angel!" He proudly showed it to his riding buddies. 

The atmosphere at the filling station suddenly shifted from the worrisome drain of high gas prices, to a peaceful touch of heaven as I watched the bikers zoom off, wishing them all a Happy Bike Week.  The "Biker Angel" looked back and nodded, before pealing down the road with his angel in his pocket.  

Life is smoother when we remember the angels are traveling the road with us.  Inviting these loving celestial visitors into our daily life makes a world of difference. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen