Friday, July 27, 2012

Attention, Please

In need of a blog, the angels guided me to an old journal this morning.  I found these helpful notes taken several years ago from a book, The Law of Life.  My emotional body is riding high these days, so I was thankful for the reminder.

What you think you create.  Where your attention is there you are--and you are becoming that.  What you meditate upon you become.  Attention is power of light in action.  There is no thing that can change your life like attention.  As you connect by your attention to things in the outer world, you make it a part of your world.  Nothing can enter your world but what you invite.  How? By your attention, by discussion.

Whenever you feel not sure, you have allowed your attention to become divided between appearances and the Presence of God.  Your power of attention will reverse energy.  Determine not to allow your attention to go to what is past. 

Every time your attention starts to wander, start pouring out love and blessings.

 "I know no human appearance has any power except the life energy I feed into it by attention." 

You are never bound by conditions.  You are bound by your own feelings.  Watch what feeling is operating in you.  Your world is just as far as your feeling extends.  A powerful charged belief in your feeling world will be there embodiment after embodiment.

Enjoy your day with the angels.