Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Morning Glory Angel

This morning I found it odd to be skipping my meditation and going out in the yard instead.  I've found that when angels guide us, we often find ourselves doing things differently and wondering why.  The early morning sun was so wonderful, I just stood in the warmth of its rays.  Afterwards I bent down to do some weeding.  After pulling up one big clump, I was so surprised to find this beautiful little morning glory in bloom.  I almost yanked it up, too.  I'd planted the seeds in early spring, hoping the flowers would scale the fence, but nothing happened.  They were a no show and soon forgotten.

The blue trumpet shaped flower with its heart-shaped leaf seemed to be so deliberate, that I looked up the symbolism in Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews.  Morning glory indicates old ways of doing things no longer work. Break old habits. It's time to embrace new creative fun energy.  Be spontaneous, follow your heart and express yourself.  The flower also reminds us that we will be able to draw upon and use our inner resources with great success in the coming weeks.  A message for each of us.

I am so thankful to the Angels for all their help.  Flowers are so beautiful and bring love to the heart.

Enjoy your day with the Angels,