Thursday, July 5, 2012

Iris Fairy

This morning my attention was drawn to a little lizard basking in the warmth of our garden statue, Iris, who sits upon a large iris.  The lizard is associated with dreamtime.  When lizard appears it is time to listen to our own intuition instead of another's.   The lizard has the ability to pick up on the subtlest movements and it can remain still so as to mislead its own prey for protection.  I was thankful this one waited long enough for me to get my camera. 

Another characteristic of lizard is an ability to detach its long tail to escape to freedom if predator catches it by tail.   A message that sometimes it is necessary to separate ourselves or part of ourselves from others to be able to do the things we desire to do.  "It may even indicate a need to explore new realms and follow your own impulses before you get swallowed up in what is not beneficial for you."  (Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews)

As for the iris, it is a flower that reminds us to maintain hope for a new birth and new peace will soon be at hand.  Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow.  The faeries of this flower manifest in all of the colors of the rainbow.  They stimulate great inspiration.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.