Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making the Call

"There are uncountable Legions of Angels whose Love would make you weep with Joy were you to see Their approach to your Call."     Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael wields certain Authority in the awakening of humankind and to encourage us to accept the Angelic Host as our Friends.  He is drawing forth from within us the latent memory of the Reality of the Angelic Host and all the blessings we received in the past through Their Divine Love.

These Divine Angelic Beings hold out Their Hands to us for assistance, who have poured Love down to us.  We should not let a day go by that we don't give love and gratitude and recognition to all the Angelic Host who have ministered here through the ages.  The conscious understanding of what the Angels do to assist mankind must come to the intellect of human beings who are intelligent enough to understand their Presence. The Angels reside in a state of higher consciousness within our mind.

The more you can focus your attention upon Them, the more you would draw Their Perfection into this physical realm.  This greater awareness of the Angelic Host is essential at this time if you are to receive greater Help.  Call to the power of the Angels of the Sacred Fire of Divine Love.  The more you make the call, the more Love can flood the world to help spread their Love over conditions that have been in turmoil.

The closer you feel to the Angels, the more their Love can hold victory for you.  The reason we do not experience the radiation of the Angels is simply due to a lack of attention.  How much time out of each day does the average person think about the Angels?

We give our employers eight hours of our time, energy, and mind to perform the services for which we are hired.  And when our attention is on the outer world, we forget that the Divine Helpers exist.  So during those hours you are not living in Their World, they do not exist for you during the time that you forget Them.  And yet, They are always forever radiating Their Love into the atmosphere of Earth. 

Unless our attention is returned again and again to the remembrance of the Angelic Host, the Protecting Angels, the Healing Angels, the Illuminating Angels are held in abeyance because of our gift of free will. They will not interfere without a call to assist.

Since they are Beings of Divine Love only, and They know only the Service of Love, they wait to draw the Victory of Their Love into this octave.  The closer you feel to Them, the more Their Love can hold Victory for you. 

At this time of great acceleration, it is imperative to open the door to the Angelic Host.  They hold the key to transmuting the darkness into Light. The Angels ask that we pause often during the day and take time to invite them into our world.

A good visualization is to call on the Angels of the Sacred Fire to fill our Nation with the Violet Flame of transmutation.  Making the Call assures divine help at this time when it is needed most.

We give thanks to the Love of the Angels and for Their Mighty Service to humankind.