Friday, January 4, 2013

Inspirational Angel Cards

I did a search on the Angel of Enthusiasm and found this site. The cards are available on-line at Original Angel Cards Book  for those who may be having trouble picking an Angel for 2013.  The little angel cards are a source of inspiration that can also be inserted in greeting cards. We use ours at A Course in Miracles meetings so that everyone selects an angel at random as a companion to their Sayings From A Course in Miracles cards.

I was happy to read the definition for the Angel of Enthusiasm (pictured above) in the Original Angels Card Book:

Be present with zestful alertness!
Loosen your constraints and let
 your passion for life uplift others
 and generate new opportunities.

May this year set you free from everything that holds you back from experiencing life more fully. The angels are watching and waiting for an invitation to guide and inspire you upward on your journey.  Their message is filled with a Light of understanding and a Love never ending.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.