Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Joy of Christmas

Joy was in the air Saturday as the little town of Deland held their annual Christmas parade.  The Boulevard  was lined with colorful floats of animated little elves singing carols, bubble making machines, marching bands, snow makers, Santa's helpers pushing wheel barrels of red carnations shared by the Garden Club, and old time cars. And Elvis singing Blue Christmas.  The festivities lasted over an hour. I've never seen a Christmas parade. When a clear sparkling bubble floated through the air above me, like a child, I was reminded of the magic of Christmas. In the midst of so much joy, I found myself wiping away a tear, as I saw for an instant the Christ child in each happy participant. Young and old. We each come in many different sizes and packages, but the content is the same, divine Love. 

 Watching this beautiful float, I was thankful that my guardian angel had nudged me to the parade at the last minute.
The elves waiting for their turn, taking a break....
One cuddled a cute white rabbit or it was the Easter Bunny, a reminder to keep Christ in the season.
 Even the goats were in the holiday spirit...
On our way out later that evening, I was surprised to see a small Christmas tree in the middle of the road, about to be flattened.  My son ran to the rescue before I could get out of the car.  This perfect little tree decorated with crimson berries and a bright red velvet ribbon on top, delighted my inner child. I know it's silly but I felt as though it were a gift from the angels.
Our heavenly messengers, the angels, draw close to us this time of year; the veil is thin.  Invite them to join in all your celebrations and feel the shift in your experience.  May this season you be reminded of the wonder of you, God's holy creation and of all the Divine Love that is present in every now.
Love and Blessings,