Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother Mary in our little meditation garden is bathed in the glow of evening sunlight.  The stone statue is reminder of her loving presence and the only illuminated object in the garden.  Tall tree shadows are bringing down the curtain on another day.

 In The Blessed Virgin Mary, Her Life and Mission by Corinne Heline we learn that the month of May is known for the Feast of the Preparation. A month primarily dedicated to Mother Mary, truly the soul of May:  
"A very beautiful Ceremonial for this month is observed in the Temple of Christian Mysteries.  It has to do with mothers and children, because all souls preparing to go into human embodiment during the following year gather together to receive a blessing from the Divine Lady and her multitude of ministering Angels.  Also, about all prospective mothers are woven bright garlands of blessings by these angelic hosts. 
Happy Mother's Day!
Love and joyful blessings,  
Rae Karen