Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Are You Putting Out There? Love or Fear?

I'd never seen anyone toss a Frisbee high into the wind, watch it soar above the waves, and return to him automatically.  Amazed, I watched his maneuver repeatedly as if he were playing catch with an invisible Angel standing in the sea.  Some of his returns had pizazz, skillfully caught under the leg.   Elliot explained it was gravity and the dynamics of the wind.

I thought of something else, a universal law:  What you send out comes back to you.

I captured this feat on video, but the format wasn't compatible with Google. Although the action is missing, the message has stayed with me. 

It's no secret that like attracts like.  What we send out, returns to us. 

This week I've been reading in A Course in Miracles about the Holy Spirit

 He has given you love's messengers to send instead of those you trained through fear.  They are eager to return to you what they hold dear as are the others.  If you send them forth, they will see only the blameless and the beautiful, the gentle and the kind.  They will be careful to let no little act of charity, no tiny expression of forgiveness, no little breath of love escape their notice.  And they will return with all the happy things they found, to share them lovingly with you.  Be not afraid of them.  They offer you salvation.  Theirs are the messages of safety for they see the world as kind.

...The Holy Spirit has given you His messengers to send to your brother and return to you with what loves sees.  They have been given to replace the hungry dogs of fear you sent instead.  And they go forth to signify the end of fear. (Text 411)  

I took the message to heart and became more vigilant for the subtle ways my ego slips into judgment.  Why did they do that?  Shouldn't they have done this. Why me?  What's up with this?

  Instead I began to focus on sending out love to all life everywhere I went.  I tried to remember "Love is attracted to love." If I had a less than positive thought, I'd instantly replace it with a loving one.  I kept reminding myself that God loves me and everyone.  Show me how much you love me today, I asked.

The results were amazing.  People were friendlier and more loving.  A server came over to greet us at a cafe, giving me a big hug.   But I really knew something special was up when my wild cat, Cleo, the one that adopted us, jumped into my lap for the first time. 

It startled me at first.  I'd been sitting on the patio enjoying nature.  The warm breeze, the scent of flowers, appreciating the moment.  Maybe she's going to curl up in my lap, but instead she brushed her cheek hard against mine, a deliberate head rub, then gave me a wet kiss and jumped down.


I know those messengers of love are the Angels.  It's so wonderful when we actively choose love in every situation.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,