Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A "Christmas Star" - Rare Conjunction of Planets

My email box had a wonderful present just now. The Space Weather Report advises a rare Christmas conjunction of planets:  Venus, Jupiter, and Earth are aligning to produce a "Christmas Star" as observed by NASA's STEREO-B probe situated over the far side of the sun.  

You can visit: http://spaceweather.com for images.

I've been interested in learning more about The Star of Bethlehem, and watched a documentary film by that title last week.  With our computer technology, astronomers have software that will display the night skies at any given period in history. Using this tool, some researchers believe that the Star of Bethlehem was Venus and Jupiter aligned, forming a figure 8. 

It's exciting that this Christmas time in 2013 Earth is included in the star with the same two planets!

Many blessing on this holy night.