Saturday, December 21, 2013

Welcome Gabriel, Governor of the Winter Season

(Artwork: Gabriel by Bellini Giovanni; Wikimedia Commons)
Gabriel is the Archangel of love and hope who comes to brighten our lives at this special time of year.  He governs the winter season to assist in purifying, uplifting and quickening our spirituality.  Each season brings its own energy change that manifests most clearly in nature.  Winter is a time for giving birth to feminine energies.  It is the time of the holy birth.  The angelic hierarchy working with Archangel Gabriel help in generating energy that is birth giving and creative. 

The higher energies at play now make it easier to meditate and tap into  inner guidance.  Dreams become more vibrant.  Winter is  the time to slow down outer activity and open up to contact with the angels and your I AM Presence. 

Just like in Nature, there is much invisible activity and so it is a reminder to be
 patient with new endeavors.  They need time to germinate so they can sprout forth at the best time. Don't lose hope; more is happening than it appears.
 Archangel Gabriel is often shown with a lily, a symbol of purity and self-control.  It is a symbol that invokes the influence of angels.  It helps to stimulate the throat chakra and all the centers of the head, so that the creative power of The Word can be unfolded in our lives.

Today we welcome Archangel Gabriel and give thanks for his dedication and service at this holy time of year.  Under his authority comes a strong wave of divine love to awaken a greater appreciation for the true essence in all life.

Love and blessings,