Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hawks and Dimes, Angel Messages

The angels send uplifting messages in many ways. They speak to each of us by using a language that is close to our heart.  Earlier this week, I spotted a baby hawk swoop down and land in the parking lot of a restaurant downtown.  I wondered what he was doing.   Hawks usually soar, but this one was grounded. Then he flew up to the top of the three story building.  Hawk is symbolic of seeing the big picture, coming up higher to get a better view.  I thanked him for being a messenger.

After dinner  I was surprised to find a dime on the sidewalk by the Christian Science Reading Room at 111 New York Avenue.  Curious, I looked up the symbolism on-line.  I knew from a dear friend who had lost her husband many years ago the meaning for her.  She began to find dimes when in need of guidance and reassurance.  An intuitive told her it was a message from her late husband that all would be well.  When dealing with difficulties, she was amazed how a dime would turn up in the most unlikely places.  She would thank Joey for watching over the family; an angel on the other side.

My search on the web for more information on the angels and dimes turned up this explanation:  "Finding a dime means that heaven is keeping an eye on you. People usually find dimes when there is something that they are worried about. You could be wondering if someone is safe that you have not seen in a long time. You could also be worried about money. Whatever it is and you find a dime, angels are letting you know that all will be well. Do not worry. Instead, turn your faith towards God and let Him take care of it."

Enjoy your day with the angels, and invite them to share their joy.

Love and blessings,