Thursday, January 2, 2014

Angel Love on the Road

Our new "vanity plate" caught the attention of a young girl about nine who was trying out her new bike.   While waiting in the car, I'd seen several people pass by giving her safety tips.  She listened intently wearing her helmet, prepared for the ride.  When we backed out of a friend's driveway, she waited and watched. As soon as she saw ANGEL LOVE, her eyes lit up. Her smile got brighter as she nodded and gave us a big thumbs up.  Synchronicity was at play as Elliot had just said, she looks like a little angel.

In Psalm 91:11, it is comforting to read that God has given His angels charge over us to guide us in all of our ways."   We are grateful for their service and devoted love as we travel down the road of Life.

Love and blessings,