Saturday, January 18, 2014

Guardian Angel Friendship

(Artwork from Wikimedia Commons)

It is good news to know that we have an eternal  friend; human friendships often lead to disappointment, falling short of the divine.   But our Guardian Angel is always with us, whispering "I am your friend."  How often do we seek advice from outsiders before going within and listening to the wisdom in our own heart. Our Guardian Angel knows us inside and out.  Why not trust and give thanks for the love of God poured through these celestial messengers on high.

2014 marks a New Year, a clean page, a new beginning, IF we can let the past go of 2013 in gratitude for all the good it brought and not revisit old hurts and resentments.  The errors and failures of the old year are bathed in the Flame of Forgiveness and Grace in order that the soul may begin the new year free from the chains created by its own actions.  Now there is a greater opportunity for progress and spiritual unfoldment if we stay in the present. 

This New Year represents an opportunity for each soul to ride upon the celestial tide into the heart of heavenly Christ consciousness.  The challenge is to try to live in the New Year as if there had never been an old,  except for the good that came from experience.  

 With the fresh  energy of the "7" Universal Year, it is a spiritual year in which we can receive an even greater dispensation from the celestial realm. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels,