Monday, September 22, 2014

Eggs: The Birth of the Autumn Solstice

                                Saint Augustine, FL

Yesterday we had plans to go to the play Hello Dolly at the Shoestring Theater. But rather than spend the Autumn Solstice indoors, we opted to take a  drive up the coast.  It must have been a good choice as a bald eagle soared at the exit to Saint Augustine. The city is picturesque with plenty of attractions. We love to visit the sanctuary grounds at Our Lady of La Leche shrine, the oldest mission in the U.S.  

As we sat down on a stone bench in the shade of an old tree, a large silvery fish leaped high out of the lake making a hearty splash.  A rookery of white birds nested in the trees on the island across the way. With my camera zoom, I can see they are wood storks.  It's amazing when we make time to appreciate nature, she comes rushing in.  Storks are known for delivering new birth.   

Lately my dreams have been about eggs.  I find them in strange places; a wicker suitcase in an open trunk of a car. A large colorful egg like a painted gourd in the back of a pickup truck. I wondered about the wisdom of where these eggs were laid. 

 Eggs are symbols of new life; new birth, opening to a wider vision. Expansion.  Last night I had another healing dream, maybe it came from spending the day in nature, watching the birds.  In my dream I am sitting on a bench by an inlet.  I gaze up at the moon, almost full.  When I look down, a large bird is in my lap and I'm petting it like I do my cats.  Surprised by own reaction, I  call to Elliot (my husband) to look at what's happened.  The bird has brownish feathers like a turkey and is quite content to roost in my lap.

So the Autumn Equinox with Archangel Michael brings blessings.  It's time to open our hearts and allow  a new birth.  The angels are the loving midwives waiting to assist with the delivery of our creative endeavors.  

The angels nudged me to double check the spelling of La Leche at the website.  I had to smile when I read, Our Lady of La Leche Shrine means (Our Lady of the Milk and Happy Delivery).  Under a canopy of oaks and cedar trees this area is often referred to as America's Most Sacred Acre.

Enjoy your day with the Angels,

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen