Monday, December 1, 2014

A Christmas Tree: An Angel Message

(Artwork Wikimedia Commons)

Yesterday I got busy decorating our Christmas tree.  It had been packed away in a box in the attic.  The assembly was getting frustrating as I wrestled with the color tipped branches that weren't fitting into their designated holes on the trunk of the tree.  

An angel thought reminded me that the activity of decorating a tree is symbolic of a spiritual idea.   The evergreen tree represents eternal life.  The sparkling tree lights represent spiritual illumination,  and the angel ornaments are symbolic of our heavenly helpers.  My earlier frustration faded away as I asked for divine help in putting it all together.  Soon, the branches, one after another went in without any struggle.  I relaxed and enjoyed the peacefulness of creating a beautiful tree to celebrate this holy season. 

I've read that an angel presence comes to enfold each Christmas tree with love and it will remain throughout the season bringing a sense of joyful expectation that something wonderful is unfolding both within us and without. 

December is a holy time as the heavenly host draws even closer to the earth plane in celebration of the Light of the World, the Christ.  Their loving presence is especially palpable in the "atmosphere" around us.  It's a joyful practice to invite the angels to join us as we go about our festivities during the season. No matter where we are, when we remember them, surprises fill the air as we look to be a blessing to others.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen