Friday, December 5, 2014

The Angels of Vision: Seeing Divine Reflection

On December 3rd, Elliot and I were surprised when we both selected an Angel of Vision card.   One from our old angel deck had made its way into the dish. After our morning meditation, my attention was drawn to the three flames flickering in the yellow illuminating candle bowl called Sunrise.  

I recognized then that I was being shown how the three distinct reflections on the outer glass appeared to be real, if I didn't know better.  But that my understanding knew the truth, and that was that.  A higher Truth dictated that the reflections, although seen in the physical, can only reflect the perfection of the Source (Light).  Although an attempt could be made to alter the reflections by coloring the glass or trying to wipe the reflection off the glass, it simply could not be done, that much I knew for sure. I got to thinking how my true reflection can only reflect the Source.  It has no power of its own.  I thought about  my ego mind or mortal mind trying to change the perfection of my reflection as a child of God, murking it up with limited negative thinking.  

Now I could see more clearly that the truth about my real Identity can only reflect the attributes of God (Life/Truth/Love) and although the glass reflection could appear different as influenced by outside factors, the true reflection although temporarily appearing different, did not change Truth.  Divine perfection is the only true and real reflection, anything else is false.

I was so thankful for the metaphor.  I gained more clarity on not being deceived by appearances. Sometimes my ego mind will present an argument that may seem valid by appearance, but the inner Knowing prevails, no matter how convincing the external evidence may appear.  So it is for each of us.   At the heart of each of us, is the spark of Christ consciousness reflecting Light and Love and Life,  eternal Truth, anything else is false.

Enjoy your day with the Angels,

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen