Monday, June 8, 2015

Angel Message on Thoughts

(photo from web)

Every thought sent forth is a never ending vibration winging its way across the universe to bring us back just what we sent forth.    
                                                --Annalee Skarin

The Angels are reminding us today that we can control the vibrations that emanate from us and thus control our destiny.  The secret is in frequency/vibration.  Thoughts of guilt, anger, jealousy, pride are of a low vibration and produce disharmony in our lives.  On the other hand, feelings of love, forgiveness, joy, peace and acceptance in gratitude usher in a fulfilling uplifting experience.  Thoughts are not neutral--they always return to us in the measure in which they are extended.  When asked, the angels can help us change our minds and see things in the light of Truth.  The world is in need of love, and our thoughts and prayers can bring a touch of heaven.  When tempted to judge or criticize, they encourage us to see only the love or call for love that may come from harsh words.  So keeping our thoughts on high, speed up our energy field and attract more light. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen