Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bird of Paradise: An Angel Message

Yesterday a friend stopped by with these rare beauties. Bird of Paradise!  As you can see, the name comes from the delicate flowers that resemble a bird in flight. Orange is also the color of creativity, so the message could be it's time to let your creative ideas soar.  For fun, I looked up the symbolism of this exquisite plant. Bird of Paradise means joyfulness and also magnificence.  Exciting and wonderful anticipation!

The word "magnificence" struck a chord in me. As it had come up many times while recently reading Anita Moorjani's best selling book, Dying to Be Me; the inspirational true story of her four year battle with cancer and the near death experience that revealed her inherent worth and resulted in a complete physical healing!

Moorjani's description of that experience is very comforting and uplifting.  "During my Near Death Experience, I felt as though my body, in its solid form, didn't exist.  I was just pure energy--perhaps this could be interpreted as the  soul or spirit.  It was much bigger than the body, and I like to use the word magnificent because that's how I felt in that state."  She went on to say, that everyone was magnificent, but how much of that energy we express through our bodies into this 3rd dimension seems to be our choice.

Some final words in her book: "Always remember not to give away your power--instead, get in touch with your own magnificence."

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen