Monday, August 10, 2015

The Fork in the Road: An Angel Message

Several years ago, I came across a passage on the fork in the road in The Angelic Kingdom published by the Ascended Masters Teaching Foundation in Mount Shasta, CA.

Archangel Zadkiel's message in 1961 was helpful: 

 "When there is any crisis to be faced by human beings, there is always a fork in the spiritual road (a subtle test, oft times unknown by the outer consciousness) wherein the free will of each person is allowed to succumb to the imperfect conditions or utilize the Cosmic Law, knowledge of which has been previously entrusted to him, for the specific service of USING THAT LAW TO RIGHT THAT WHICH IS WRONG and to emerge stronger spiritually, emotionally, mentally, etherically and physically, after participating with the Ascended Ones in such cooperative national or international service."

How many through the ages, trained even as you have been, have enjoyed the essence of the Law, played with it for their own benefaction and yet at the time of crisis have either forgotten the Law or have been temporarily affrighted by the human appearances into the erroneous belief that human willpower is stronger than the LAW OF LOVE wielded by us through our unascended chelas to set life free." 

 We are living in a time of celestial speed-up. I'm sure you're feeling the quickening. The angels will help us through this powerful transformation. Have you noticed how old patterns are resurfacing to be healed? They are a blessing in disguise, designed to boost our inner light. If we watch ourselves and don't react, as best we can, but stay in harmony and love, we will move up in higher consciousness.

Enjoy your day with the angels,

Rae Karen